-Lastest from Eastern Paradise: ALL YOU CAN EAT - Sunday & Monday ALL YOU CAN EAT £12.95 per adult, £7.95 Children under 10 Add £1.00 extra for lamb dishes. Add £3.00 extra for Sea food (including tiger prawns) Over 200 dishes to chose from! -------- SUBJECT TO CHANGE WITHOUT FURTHER NOTICE -------- -Senior Citizens Discount Every Thursdays 20% Discounted Meal Please call for further information 01726 813 141 OR 01726 815 123 (UK pensionable age & Must be prebooked to qualify) Senior Citizens Night Must be prebooked to qualifyfor the discount. -------- SUBJECT TO CHANGE WITHOUT FURTHER NOTICE ---------Banquet Every Wednesday BANQUET NIGHT Every Wednesday B1- £9.95 1 Starter, 1 Main & (Side or Rice or Nan) B2 - £14.95 1 Starter, 1 Main, 1 Side, 1 Rice & 1 Nan B3 - £19.95 1 Popadom & Chutney, 1 Starter, 1 Main, 1 Side, Rice, Nan & Coffee (not liqueur) Excludes dishes containing seafood & duck & Stuffed Pepper and Purie. Must be table of 2 or more to qualify -------- SUBJECT TO CHANGE WITHOUT FURTHER NOTICE ---------Home Delivery HOME DELIVERY AVAILABLE PL23, PL24, PL25 & PL26 Some areas are excluded due to distance Minimum orders over £10.00, Delivery charges apply min £1.50
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Eastern Paradise Indian
28 Beach Road
Carlyon Bay
St Austell
PL25 3PH
Tel: 01726 81 31 41
Eastern Paradise Indian
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Medium Dishes from Eastern Paradise - St Austell

If you have any food allergies please contact us prior to ordering, we'll do our best to advise you.

Medium Dishes

Bhuna Dishes
A well spiced slightly hot curry, a combination of spices fried together to provide a dish of medium strength and rather dry consistency
Chicken Bhuna£5.90Qty:
Chicken Tikka Bhuna£6.90Qty:
King Prawn Bhuna£8.90Qty:
Lamb Bhuna£6.50Qty:
Lamb Tikka Bhuna£7.50Qty:
Mixed Veg BhunaSuitable for Vegetarians£5.90Qty:
Prawn Bhuna£6.90Qty:
Dupiaza Dishes
A method of preparation, especially for lamb, chicken, beef or king prawn, which is briskly cooked with fresh green peppers, onion and coriander. A medium dish
Chicken Dupiaza£5.90Qty:
Chicken Tikka Dupiaza£6.90Qty:
King Prawn Dupiaza£8.90Qty:
Lamb Dupiaza£6.50Qty:
Lamb Tikka Dupiaza£7.50Qty:
Mixed Veg DupiazaSuitable for Vegetarians£5.90Qty:
Prawn Dupiaza£6.90Qty:
Pathia Dishes
Cooked with onion, green peppers and coriander
Chicken Pathia£5.90Qty:
Chicken Tikka Pathia£6.90Qty:
King Prawn Pathia£8.90Qty:
Lamb Pathia£6.50Qty:
Lamb Tikka Pathia£7.50Qty:
Mixed Veg PathiaSuitable for Vegetarians£5.90Qty:
Prawn Pathia£6.90Qty:
Rogan Josh Dishes
Characteristics of the dish are derived from the use of tomatoes and onion, cooked in spices, fresh green peppers and coriander
Chicken Rogan Josh£5.90Qty:
Chicken Tikka Rogan Josh£6.90Qty:
King Prawn Rogan Josh£8.90Qty:
Lamb Rogan Josh£6.50Qty:
Lamb Tikka Rogan Josh£7.50Qty:
Mixed Veg Rogan JoshSuitable for Vegetarians£5.90Qty:
Prawn Rogan Josh£6.90Qty:
Saag Dishes (Spinach)
Spinach cooked with mixed spices, onion, garlic & fresh coriander. A medium strength dish
Chicken Saag£5.90Qty:
Chicken Tikka Saag£6.90Qty:
King Prawn Saag£8.90Qty:
Lamb Saag£6.50Qty:
Lamb Tikka Saag£7.50Qty:
Mixed Veg SaagSuitable for Vegetarians£5.90Qty:
Prawn Saag£6.90Qty:
Korai Dishes
Medium dry dish, cooked with cubed onion, green peppers, tomato, fresh coriander, mixed spices, served in an iron sizzling
Chicken Tikka Korai£7.50Qty:
King Prawn Korai£11.90Qty:
Lamb Tikka Korai£7.90Qty:
Mixed Veg KoraiSuitable for Vegetarians£5.70Qty:
Prawn Korai£8.50Qty:
Kodhu Dishes
Butternut squash cooked with onion, garlic, mixed spices, fresh coriander. Semi dry & medium strength dish
Chicken Kodhu£6.50Qty:
King Prawn Kodhu£9.50Qty:
Lamb Kodhu£7.50Qty:
Prawn Kodhu£8.50Qty:
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